Are Organic Fruits and Vegetables healthy for your Body?

We Indians love our meals. So much, that every week our families enjoy having a new recipe made from a combo of fresh vegetables and spices available to us.

And growing these veggies is a big responsibility owned by the hard-working farmers of India. Their efforts get us good food that eventually gives us good health and nutrition.

By the way, none of us can deny the fact that all of us have been consuming vegetables and fruits grown using pesticides and fertilizers. The supply of these crops was so widespread that we had no other choice.

But here comes 2019!

The whole world is taken aback by a virus that flew across like a wildfire.

Suddenly all of us realized the importance of strong immunity, healthy food, and hygiene management.

Now after 2 years, we Indians have emerged with a new mindset. One where we value the health of our family and also take care of what we eat.

That’s how Indians are showing a booming appetite for fresh organic fruits and vegetables. After all, things have started changing for good.

Wait a minute!

A doubt must pop up on your head- “How are organic fruits and vegetables better and healthier than conventionally grown foods?”

Voila. You have come to exactly the best place to find this answer.

Today, Organic MP decodes the secrets behind the health benefits of Organically Grown Foods. Come let’s have a treat for our minds and our body.


You have always come across the fact that Organic Food is grown without using harmful fertilizers and pesticides. But let’s correct this fact a little bit.

Organic Foods are grown with the help of naturally obtained fertilizers (food liquid, manure, compost and natural pesticides (mulches, neem leaves) itself.

These natural items shield the crops from exposure to harmful pest infestations and diseases that otherwise could harm the whole crop and soil health.

Whereas the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers exposes humans to many harmful chemicals that gradually weaken the immune system in long term.


Since most of the organic produce is grown locally and consumed by the nearby populace, everyone gets to taste the fresh crops. Organic vegetables and fruits get sold out pretty fast because they have a very low shelf life, preserve natural freshness, and are free from preservatives.


Growing kids should always be given a diet that boosts their cognitive, physical, and mental abilities. An organic diet for kids is beneficial from an early age, just because foods grown with help of pesticides impact the learning ability of kids and these symptoms show up in the long term when a lot of damage may have already been suffered.


When given in the right quantity or as suggested by a nutrition expert, organic food can work wonders for elder family members. Organic crops have antioxidants that serve as defense mechanisms to the human body.


Antioxidants in Organic Foods help prevent vision problems, cardiovascular diseases, premature ageing, cognitive malfunctions and cancer too.

These antioxidants do this by giving your body a strong defense mechanism that resists the development of such illnesses.

So now you are armed with a lot of wisdom on how organic foods provide good health to the human body.

But does it all stop here?

Umm. We’d say we would like to answer a few questions on organic foods.

So here they go.

Is organic food loaded with higher nutrition than conventional food?

Several studies have shown that there’s just a moderate increase of nutrition in organically grown crops. It’s just that your exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides gets reduced drastically.

Is “Organic Food” a health claim?

No. It’s a way of growing fruits and vegetables without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. A farm is certified as “Organic” only when it complies with International Organic Production Standards.

How to know that my fruits and vegetables are organic?

All certified organic products have a label that mentions the registered govt. the authority that has given them a go-ahead. And organic fruits and veggies are always kept separate from conventionally grown foods. Plus, organic foods are free from artificial colors and preservatives.

We are fully aware that Organic Foods are currently available at a little extra price. So, to manage your budget and good health, Organic MP recommends you to gradually start mixing your diet with organic foods. So that it doesn’t fall off from your budget.

We want you to stay healthy and support all those local farmers who are giving all their efforts to bring pure and nutritious food to your plate every day.

And if you love to explore more about organic farming, then we would suggest you hop on to our other blogs that you’ll enjoy reading and sharing with your friends and family.

Thank You for reading this blog by Organic MP.