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Mission & Values

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Organic MP is inspired by the mission of spreading the benefits of
organic farming far and wide all across India


A healthy life doesn’t just start in a day. It’s a series of small steps that start right from what goes into the farmlands to what gets served on the plate of consumers. Just like others, we can also exaggerate claims about serving nutritious food. But that’s a minuscule part of the situation. As it all starts with farmers, who are at the center of everything.

Our Mission

Our existence is all because of the farmers who have supported us and helped us understand the on-ground realities. That’s how we came up with a set of tasks that eventually became our big mission. They seem to be grand but we believe small steps every day will lead us to them with success.

Organic MP is on a mission to develop hi-tech farms that yield higher output and good quality crops

  • Prepare Agripreneurs:  We will extend full support to ambitious people and organizations that want to own Organic MP Franchisees and sell FSSAI Certified FMCG products.
  • Market Development:  Organic MP is developing new market access for farmers, wherein they can sell directly to the buyers by skipping the middlemen
  • Affordable Solutions:Providing logistics, storage, and transportation at costs that are economical and affordable for all the farmers.
  • Community-Based: Organic MP engages the whole community by helping farmers form FPO and decide on the rates and standards in unison.

Core Values


The Real Change takes place when teams of Organic MP work alongside farmers and gets committed to bringing resources that can help them earn better and raise their living standards.

  • We are helping the farmers’ community with routine training sessions
  • Our members are keeping them updated with weather forecasts
  • We share transparent prices of agro-commodities as per market information
  • Organic MP is giving them access to warehousing facilities at very affordable charges
  • We regularly assist them with reports on soil health and crop planning.


We just can’t keep watching our soil getting infertile due to the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. After all we are a nation of billion people and we must ensure purity in our food.

  • We promote use of manure and bio fertilizers that keep the soil healthy.
  • We shun the use of chemicals so as to keep the marine ecosystem free from pollutants.
  • Along with Organic Farming, we are also promoting Soil-less farming in order to maximize crop production.
  • To promote dairy farming, we are encouraging the rearing of the Indian Breed of Gir Cows itself.
  • To ensure freshness and hygiene we are also assisting farmers with the best methods of packaging and storage.