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One Stop Solution for Organic farming


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Trust Organic MP and get the best experts in India to help you with Organic Farm Development.

Organic MP has made a good name for itself in serving a wide range of farm solutions. Our teams are experienced in supporting you with:

  • Subsidy-Based Soilless Farming
  • Project Development
  • Fan & Pad Polyhouse Development

And you must also know about the advantages of having a Fan & Pad Polyhouse developed by Organic MP-

+ Proper Growth of Crops in a Controlled Temperature

+ Good for raising diverse kinds of crops as they are saved against seasonal changes and harsh sunlight.

+ Bumper Crops Production in record time and this, in turn, brings the potential of higher sales in the market.

With Organic Madhya Pradesh our clients get highly seasoned professionals including horticulturists, agronomists, and farm experts who have proven expertise in commissioning large-scale organic farm development projects.

So, come let’s go organic and be a part of the new green revolution.

Trust Organic MP and get the best experts in India to help you with Organic Farm Development.

One Stop Solution for Organic Farming


Organic MP wants to bring the health benefits of Organic Foods to all citizens.

That’s how we kickstarted a new farming revolution of getting back to our roots, giving us health and happiness.

Indian soil has given us pure and nutritious foods at all times of the year.

Now again we are bringing organic farming back into focus so that our next generations get easy access to healthy food.

Organic MP has a vision of making the whole of Madhya Pradesh a Fully Organic State that sustains on its own food production while feeding the whole population of the state.

Organic MP is on a mission of transforming many districts of Madhya Pradesh into organic districts and that’s why we are reaching out to as many farmers as possible with our services that empower them to access newer markets and affordable infrastructure.

Here is a list of our services for organic farming solutions:

+ Organic Farming Training

+ Organic Contract Farming & Consultancy

+ Assistance in Organic Certification & Documentation

+ Logistics Infrastructure

+ Cold Storage Solutions

+ Soil and Water Health Check-up

You can also contact us for developing high-tech dairy farms that make use of modern technology tools.

Organic MP is truly your one-stop solution for all organic farming needs.