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Organic Training


Organic Training


Start Learning Organic Farming from India’s Well Known Agriculture Experts

Organic MP imparts an Industry-wide well-recognized Certificate Training on organic farming and related practices. Our experts share hands-on training along with the most holistic lessons on crop management, nutrient feeding and so much more.

This training is designed to be a perfect blend of on-field training and classroom sessions for everyone who loves farming and aspires to start profitable commercial farming so come and learn organic farming from reputed trainers and start your journey of serving people with healthy food.



7 Days of Practical Training:

This will consist of

5 hours of Online Training

Live Video and Interactive Sessions by



So, here’s a quick lowdown on the major topics covered in our Organic Training:

+ Training on Organic production and on-farm resource management,

+ Nutrient Management

+ Water Management

+ Use of Automation Devices

+ How to use Biofertilizers

+ Need of Organic Farming

+ Awareness on Govt. Schemes & Subsidies

+ Training the workforce on preparing inputs

+ Basics of composting

+ Manure Preparation

+ Use of Bio-fertilizers

+ Packaging and Storage of Organic produce

+ Organic Crop Protection and Disease Management

+ Certification Procedure

+ Pest, Disease and Weed Management

+ Best Practices & New Developments

+ Marketing, Promotions, and Branding

+ Transportation & Logistics