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Organic MP has emerged to be powerhouse in organic farming in India and that’s why we want to share the common types of organic farming that we perform for our clients

Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF):


Organic MP supports farmers in getting started with Zero Budget Natural Farming.


ZBNF is a self-sustaining way of Chemical Free Farming. Here, two types of mixtures are used- “Jeevamrutha” and “Bijamrita”.


Jeevamrutha is a mix of fresh desi cow dung, aged desi cow urine, jaggery, pulse flour, water, and soil-on farmland. On the other hand, bijamrita is used to treat seeds, and a mix of neem leaves, tobacco, and green chillis is made for defending against insects and pests from the plants. These 2 mixtures add nutrients to the soil. ZBNF has sown good yields and has minimized the cost of inputs in a great way.


In ZBNF, Cow of the Indian breed must be used for obtaining cow dung and urine.

Benefits of ZBNF:

  • Proper Soil Aeration
  • Minimal Watering
  • Intercropping

While ZBNF discourages Intensive Irrigation and Deep Ploughing

Integrated Organic Farming

This is the most sustainable way of farming where we use different types of farming techniques that are related to each other in such a way that they support each other. Waste from one type of farming is obtained and used as a feed for the plants. And there are so many other possibilities when poultry farming, fish farming and dairy farming are all performed in addition to routine farming.

Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation is performed to maintain good soil health and efficiency. Under this process, different types of crops are raised at the same land, but season by season. In this way, crop productivity maximizes and soil fertility improves massively.  

Green Manure

In this method, we raise green manure crops that turn up to be a cost-efficient way of providing nutrients to the soil. As these crops improve the soil health and brings up water from the deep layers of soil. And these crops are insect and weed resistant by nature. After they are grown fully, they are used back into the soil, because of its rich properties that enhance the soil nutrition along with giving the soil- Improved water holding capacity.


Polyculture simply means growing two or more crops in the same space at the same time. A good diversity of plants is grown on the same farmland and these crops are carefully selected by our experts at Organic MP.